beth's poetry trail

We went on the trail last week. Photos of what's presently in situ - but that does not excuse you from doing the walk yourselves! Details of who actually made everything can be found at bethspoetrytrail

"Everything Flows" Heraclitus. Hand made terracotta tiles in the River Gardens.

"Rain" Spike Milligan. Glass tiles in Chucklebutties window.

"Trees" Joyce Kilmer. Carved bench in North Mill carpark.

"New Books" Philip Larkin. Granite, on the wall of Belper Library.

"Words On A Wall" Jean Sealy. Cut stone in Clusters Road.

"Faintheart In A Railway Train" Thomas Hardy. Poster, Belper Station (to Matlock).

"From A Railway carriage" Robert Louis Stevenson. Metal Sign, Belper Station (to Derby).

"He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven" W.B.Yeats. Nails in wooden steps, Parks.

"Heaven-Haven" Gerald Manley Hopkins. Welsh Slate, St. Johns Churchyard.

"I Taste A Liquor Never Brewed" Emily Dickinson. Granite, The Queens Head P.H.

"View From My Bedroom Window" Beth Fender. Cast Metal, Beth's house, Short Row.

There are more to come...