the slowdown boys

It's a good job I'm not spending time writing lengthy reviews these days as I don't really have the time to take notes on a Saturday evening!

The Driver and Me had our usual battle with Mill Street on Saturday (4th) and I really was too exhausted to take the money on the door AND serve behind the bar ("Poor you", I hear you say - or not!). But there was steady - and rapid - influx of punters and they were all couples, with the right money, so it actually made the door pretty simple and I like working the bar anyway so I don't need your sympathy dear readers ("Fat chance", I hear you mutter).

The Slowdown Boys have a lot of support and well deserved it is too; they present a lively and varied performance of some classics of Ole Timey American Music along with lesser known gems, all executed with verve and, when they aren't playing an unfamiliar number, a smile. The music suits their voices and apart from the poor old bass player (why feel sorry for him? He plays a genu-wine upright slap bass - a man's machine) they share and mix the singing and instruments credits.

They call themselve a brother group; "The Proctor-Elliott-Clark-Zielonko Brothers" and most of their music seems to be from a long line of 'Brother' music (The Louvin Bros.; The Delmore Bros.; The Stanley Bros.; The Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys Bros.; Matt & Luke Goss Bros and 'O Brother Where Art Thou' Bros). Perhaps that's why they harmonise so well.

Lots of foot-stomping and some hand-clapping and I got a video. Not half bad, you can practically see it this week.

Get your old wheelchair, sorry rocking, chair out on the porch, click HERE and enjoy.