mat andasun quartet

Usual story - it's taken me ages to upload the video so I'll write something up after dinner.

Here is today's postprandial piece.

The Driver and Me had to get to The Queens early on Saturday (11th); The driver was collecting the door money Me, I'm doing the bar and I thought there might be a problem with the equipment as MAT ANDASUN had asked me about a PA check. Asked ME about a PA check. That's a laugh, I'd told him we had an amp with some inputs and knobs and some speakers and he could plug in anything that fitted, and anyway Dick is the only one who knows how to set the gear up - I think.

So we got there about five to eight... and the place was alive with activity and sound and Mat  is a really nice chap and so is his engineer (didn't catch your name, sorry). And equipment - my God - so much; they had been there since lunch-time setting it up! So loud also, so much so that when young LUCY DAY,who was playing a few numbers to open, plugged in she scared us all half to death. But the joy of having good equipment is you can control it and consequently the balance was pretty damn good all evening and Lucy took full advantage eloquently producing a powerful performance.

You might think that equipment comes at a price. It does - space, but by about twenty minutes after starting people were packing in and the Driver didn't even have to do the door, Good-Old-Gareth did it (that's probably why there was so much equipment, there's always so much equipment when Gareth is around). This band is popular and quite rightly so. Accomplished and polished they produced a smooth set with varied rhythms featuring some really exciting playing.

Complex rhythms on the guitar, some really haunting fretless bass work (and the skeleton upright was pretty interesting too) all held together with immaculate drumming and percussion. THE QUARTET (for that's what the are - Mat, Dave, Jeff and Richard) played virtually non-stop for over an hour, all infectious foot tapping (no, probably more hip-swaying) stuff. Really good long grooves as I think they only fitted about seven numbers into that time frame.

After it was all over the man who had kept the balance sweet had to collect all the connectors, neatly coil and tape dozens of cables, put everything in its correct box, cover the amps and speakers... whilst the musicians put their instruments in their cases.

They did help him carry it all downstairs though. And they all said thankyou for a great evening. They thanked US!

By the way I think the video is quite good this week, lots of audience participation on this number and you can even see the chaps at the back - just! Click on the pic and see what you think. (By the way, Lucy, I said the band's numbers were long, yours were even longer and my video capacity is limited. Next time maybe).