lewie d

Trekkiing solo up Mill Street last Friday (30th) to see LEWIE D's BLUES SHACK. The Driver was a bit under the weather - not, I hasten to add, due to excesses of the festive season but a  nasty cold. Consequently little discussion of the music so a very quick crit. this week.

The first hour was probably very good but the sound wasn't, so hard to tell. Still Still The Rain was fine. The second hour with a better balance was tremendous especially The Thrill Has Gone and Leanne. The third hour with a Peter Green medley as finale was absolutely brilliant. I wish there had been a fourth hour.

There you have it; hardly a model of objectivity but hey, all criticism starts out subjectively and then you work at it.

The photos I took were a bit like the early sound balance so, to illustrate what you missed - a little video (click on the pic).

See you all soon.