ian siegal band

I got there at nine and couldn't get in - Keith

I got there at EIGHT and couldn't get in - Me (and I was on the door!)

Yes, The Driver and Me flew up Mill Street (those of you who know us will realise that is a slight exageration) on Friday (13th) as we had agreed to help out in a more physical manner as Dick was single handed on what was anticipated to be a very busy night; it always is when the IAN SIEGAL BAND performs.

Noisy as we ascended the stairs (a good sign) and Frank-and-his-Friend were taking the money (another good sign). Dick was behind the bar and a good proportion of the beer glasses were already out. All I had to do was keep an eye on the lads and count the money (don't get the wrong idea - the band charges quite a lot, but they're worth it).

I did however perform a task that I have not had to do before; about ten to nine I placed a sign on the downstairs door "Sorry, FULL, no more admittance." Of course a few with a bit of chutzpah ignored it and were charged to be uncomfortable and a few others just hopefully stood on the stairs. But it was pretty damned packed.  Some even retrieved their entrance money before the band even started. The Driver lasted about three numbers before she surrendered her space which was filled so quickly it was like she had never been there.

So, a big SORRY to all those who could not get in, especially if you travelled.

Then Ian came on, looking remarkably kempt I thought, with Nik and Andy (I think) on drum 'n' bass. And they played, and played, and played. And it was all good. Well, you'd expect that wouldn't you?

For those who didn't get in (sorry AGAIN) a short vid. It was towards the end of the set by which time a few had drifted off to catch their bus and I had managed to shoehorn my way behind the bar and actually get the camera out of my pocket, so it wasn't quite as intense as earlier in the evening, even though the walls were running wet.

Sort of Elvis Lite. Click HERE and hope for the best.