helen watson

I'll write this later when I can get the video uploaded! Which I am still having trouble doing!!

Well I've got the video uploaded but... This is almost TOO EMBARRASSING...

HELEN WATSON was on top form as usual and seeing as I was not needed (at that point) behind the bar - where most of the vids are shot to detrimental effect - I moved down the front where I anticpated the light being better. It was, a bit. But the image was bigger (it's not small, it's far away; you know that sort of thing) so I decided to shoot in portrait mode. A simple camera in simple hands, did I consider the orientation of the picture? No I didn't.

Now with a single image it's easy to rotate it but a 2min 56 second video at 25 f.p.s. is 4400 frames and even if I did know how to reorientate them...

So adopt a comfortable, inclined position on your left hand side and enjoy a rather unusual view of an otherwise excellent performance by clicking HERE.

Lots of chatting afterwards. She really is a most interesting woman but I do wish she would remember that it was Nancy Wilson who originally sang (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am.