brooks williams

Two nights on the trot - so to speak - The Driver and Me

Had we recovered from the excesses of yesterday? Could we stand more good music only twenty four hours on? We had to make the effort dear reader for BROOKS WILLIAMS who was performing on Saturday (14th) was staying with us (the things I do for BMA. No, I jest for Brooks is an absolutely charming chap and a perfect house guest and he has a log cabin in the Massachusetts hills...) and everything had to be shipshape and Belper fashion.

And you can never have too much good LIVE music.

Anyway over a leisurely supper and a couple of bottles of wine thoughtfully provided by BMA's benefactor, Mr Watson, we talked of many things none of which was footware, maritime matters scotch tape (or mist), brassicas or The Monarchy. He did tell us about opening for Taj Mahal and we all agreed that we liked Taj's The Real Thing album with the euphonium line up especially on She Aint No Streetwalking Mama Honey, But I Do Like The Way She Struts Her Stuff. He also rated John Hammond and was quite impressed that we possessed all the early Vanguard LPs and the two on Atlantic where John plays with a really stellar rock line up. We've both sat close to Richie Havens (and we agreed that he can't actually play his guitar).

If only I'd kept up the guitar lessons.

Even if I had kept them up I could not even come close to the virtuosity that Brooks displays. The Top Bar was crowded, which was nice. About half Friday's crowd but it was comfortable (even though The Driver and Me had to stand) and very 'buzzy'. Brooks is accomplished, droll, clever and has a fine voice. Don't take my word for it judge for yourself. Click on the pic. (Mmm.. seem to have lost the picture, I'll get it back later, but the link still works).

The visual is crap, even though there was more light than the one candle in the forground, but the sound is O.K. and the performance was terrific. He can stay any time he likes.